Etiologic factors of Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis and How To Deal with Them

by Carlos
If you have read my About page, you would learn that I have been having Dandruff problems almost all my life. It comes and goes. I have used almost all types of shampoo, and medical stuff that I could. I didn´t know why I got it. It turns out that Dandruff is caused by three Etiologic Factors (DeAngelis et al., 2005) Malassezia fungi, sebaceous secretions, and individual sensitivity. Malassezia where initially identified by French Scientist Malassez, on the 19 century (1874). Later, Malassezia, was classified into two types: the lipid-dependent P. ovale and the non-lipid-dependent P. pachydermatis (Salkin and Gordon, [...]

5 Essential Natural Products That Take Care Of Your Skin

by Carlos
  People often buy natural skin care products because they know that the natural product will be healthier than a chemical product. Most of the time they don´t know what the product's ingredients do. Here is a list of 5 ingredients that are found in most effective and popular skin care cosmetics that are in the market. It is good to know what each ingredient does by itself, in order to have better knowledge and take better decisions on skin care. Each and every ingredient that is mentioned here has got their own significance in various ways for providing the [...]
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